Born and raised in San Diego, I have always had a passion for living life to the fullest. Water and sun have become an integral part of my life as everything I do seems to involve the outdoors, or take place in or next to a body of water. Being an Eagle Scout, I have always had a deep connection with nature, and it has become a key source of inspiration for many of my works.

My college years brought me up to Oregon, where I was exposed to a way of life that I cannot yet fully explain. In this majestic land, where the natural elements will take your breath away, people live life in a truly environmentally conscious lifestyle, in what seems to be a closed-circuit environment where things that come from nature return to nature and everything seems to be 100% local, native, organic, and overall honest. This mentality has directly affected me as a designer, taking into mind the complete life cycle of a product - where I can analyze and understand the true impacts a design may have on the environment, whether it is in the manufacturing process, during its use, or the end of the product's life. 

We are totally surrounded by products made by man which are often taken for granted. As a designer, I want to make my impact on humanity and become part of the process that designs, manufactures, and delivers a quality product to the world.

Learning has always been my passion, and I seek to learn new things everyday - even now at 23 years old. I yearn for a job where I as a young designer can not only practice my expertise, but also grow as an individual and continue to gain knowledge - becoming the best designer and critical thinker that I can possibly be. I have begun to live my daily life by a quote from Thomas Huxley - "Try to learn everything about something, and something about everything."