Futura70 Stapler, Hero Shots

Futura70 Stapler, exploded





I designed this stapler to replace the standard and boring everyday black Swingline stapler. The Futura70 offers a sleek and classic mid-century inspired design that can stand as a functioning display item which can be used for decades. Proposed materials for this product would be varnished walnut and stainless steel components with a magnetic lid.

The wood build gives way for customizations such as etched-in monograms, logos, company crests, etc. The idea behind this more long lasting design is that such office products can eventually be passed down and become part of a legacy, much like the rise of the company/firm that owns them. It represents tradition.


Legacy Executive Mouse, Contextual






As with the stapler, this mouse continues the line of Legacy Executive products. A sleek walnut finish compliments the steel contact points. Not only does this compliment the other products, but will be everlasting as well.

As computer systems are always changing, the mouse will always remain the same (granted that the USB function does not change). This ergonomic design is modeled after the classic Braun electric shaver, to fit in the user's hand offering a comfortable experience. This design also includes customizable options to fit the client’s needs.

Novastylus Pen

Novastylus Pen, Contextual




With the same materials (varnished walnut and stainless), this pen offers the same sleek retro design. With a thick grip, this ergonomic pen is easy to hold and clicks into the solid and magnetic base. The top tip screws on and off to easily replace the ink cartridge. This pen is bound to last as long (if not longer) than your company.


Dicentis Table

dicentis, iso





In my senior studio, we were asked to design a teaching station, and podium, to go into a new lecture hall that the University was constructing. I proposed a more aesthetic, permanent, and high end solution using mid-century inspired design, and classic materials (veneered walnut and tempered glass). The central core functions both as a support and also houses the main electronics, and provides storage space. An additional pull-out surface can be utilized for additional space, which lies flush and flat when not in use. The smaller glass surface can be used for any additional books, coats, bags, personal items, etc. 


Ipsimus Podium






Likewise, I designed a new lectern (podium) for the selected space in a way that is both functional and aesthetic. Inspired by art-deco design, this classic podium has stepped aluminum supports, and a hollow veneered body which houses all the main electronics and outlets. The piece itself raises and lowers on a hydraulic system to accommodate any ADA standards or requirements. I also included an additional glass leaflet counter space that rotates on a track which offers additional surface space for the speaker’s laptop, books, personal items, etc.

ipsimus iso

Lectern, Contextual

lectern title

Lectern, Hero Shots



With the proposed designs, my group and I decided on this basic, yet functional design. It is a set of two teaching stations (one on each side of the lecture hall; the actual space that we were working around can be seen here). Both have the same podium height, but one has a lower side table, to comply with ADA standards and regulation. The podium has slits on both sides for all the cables to be fed through; these include HDMI, VGA, USB, power, audio, etc. The display tablet that my university uses in all lecture halls, made by Crestron, is also incorporated into the design. A large cubby inside the podium allows for housing electronics such as DVD players, or the users personal belongings. 

Final materials used would be rip-sawn light oak, designer high gloss white surface (Corian), and a high contrast color accent (lime green). One table is standard height at 34”, and the other is lower at 28” for ADA compliance.

Lectern, final

PD 485 Final Review



Here are my studio classmates and I during our final review with a full-scale mock up of the final design. Using plywood, we made the podium along with the attaching side tables. One at regular height, and another at an ADA compliant height. This was made to demonstrate and evaluate the form and fit of the final design.



Table Atomic

Table Atomic, Hero Shots


In this personal piece, I created a side table using a basic modern shape, and chose materials which made it unique. With a steel disk for the base, the table is built for stability. The main body is made of a thick tempered glass, which is chipped away to give it a sculpted ice-like appearance. There is another, thinner, steel disk above the body, and a thick black polished walnut disk for the surface. This table is simple, elegant, modern, and the mix of materials make it look unique.

The materials I chose were inspired by the natural elements of earth (wood top) and water (glass body). Combined, they produce a robust and solid table that has functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. 

SwipeBlade Squeegee



Everyday, we are faced with the tedious issue of needing to use the mirror after a shower, but not being able to because it is covered in steam. This product hangs discreetly on a suction cup hook and slides open to provide a small handheld squeegee to quickly remove condensation from any mirror. With a solid white acrylic handle, the squeegee blade swings out and locks into place. There is a rubber squeegee at the bottom which works quickly and effectively. The functioning design was inspired by early barber’s razors. 

LG Case

LG Case, Exploded




I took over this project for an entrepreneurship student after a previous student began this case. Using reverse engineering, I created a smart luxury case for the LG Optimus phone. The final product would be made of cast aluminum, and a translucent rubber band would hold the two pieces together. This case is not only modern and aesthetic, but is very functional as well. The metal casing actually protects the phone and adds structural integrity.

There were four main parts to this case: an upper and bottom aluminum piece, two stretchable rubber bands, and small rubber pieces that act as bumpers so that the case does not scratch the phone. The rubber pieces are translucent so that the alert lights can flash through.