NovaJet Interior


This supersonic extended range private jet is fully equipped to comfortably seat and sleep six passengers and two crew. Much like a recreational vehicle, this long range jet has all the amenities needed for a quick getaway. There is a full wet bar and galley, all seats recline to lie-flat beds, ample storage space throughout, and a full aft lavatory with a bathtub. Large porthole windows make for magnificent views of the stratosphere. There is a full cargo hold below. Inlaid engines make for a sleeker design, and the soundproof fuselage makes for a quiet, comfortable, and seamless flight to wherever your destination may be. Totally customizable to the client’s desires.

NovaJet Face

NovaJet Floorplan 1

NovaJet Cross Sectin






This luxury sporting yacht can bring summer any day of the year. It is a 64 foot vessel, designed for maximum performance on the open waters of the world, with its sleek shape and aquadynamic design. The main deck offers a bow front hot tub and built in lounge sofa below the bridge. The upper deck includes a full outdoor galley, ample seating, and a fully equipped navigation bridge, complete with a clear windshield. The rest of the vessel includes a master stateroom in the hull and two aft guest rooms-each with their own private heads. The main deck has a full port galley, with dining on the starboard. The rear of the yacht includes a stern with marina access and more seating.


I also crated a mockup logo for this project, using vector artwork I created in Illustrator, and a color scheme that evokes a cool and almost retro feel - taking inspiration from the jet-ski craze of the 1980s/90s. 

Anchora Floorplan


Dorchester Suit


I have always had an interest and passion for the world of equestrian sports-racing, polo, dressage, etc. Here I designed a suit for a race horse which can be customized to the rider’s sponsor, company, or whichever color scheme they want. The final product would be made of leathers, hides, and thick neoprene fabrics. This set consists of four leg sleeves, a neck sleeve, a cap, and a fully capable saddle. This rider will be racing in style as his/her horse can both race safely and double as a billboard as well. The color schemes are totally customizable and possibilities are endless.

Dorchester Suit, Exploded

Here is an exploded view of the several components of this particular suit (the Del Mar model).  The most important parts are the cap and saddle, all else is aesthetic and for the horse’s protection. The cap has a spot light built in so that the rider may ride in the dark. Likewise, the back of the saddle offers an LED backlight, making the horse and rider visible from afar in darker settings. This suit transforms the horse from an animal to a sort of vehicle. The saddle (seat)is one solid molded plastic unit, attached to the leather jockey skirt. The stirrups and clinch hang on both sides.


Here is a mockup logo I created for this line of equipage. I chose a custom typeface to reflect the classic and traditional culture of equestrian sport, juxtaposed with a more modern contemporary logo that I drafted up in Illustrator.





Using colored pencils (Prismacolor), I rendered a sketch of some of my Top-Siders. This was one of my first ever hand drawings under formal guidance in college. Like other iconic designs, I am drawn and inspired by the simplicity of designs that remain forever classic and withstand the test of time - such as the boat shoe. 

Rapid Forms 1


In this design drawing studio, we warmed up everyday with a different shape. Here are a few of my best, showing shading, reflections, and contouring made completely by hand. Using mainly Prismacolor pencils, pens, and Copic shading markers, these shapes slowly came to life and I learned the concepts of perspective, shadows, and motion. 

Rapid Forms 2