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This app came to me from inspiration of preexisting apps such as Yelp and UrbanSpoon. The main purpose of this service is to help people find the bars they want at the tips of their fingers. This app sorts our the local bar/pub scene by price, location, drink type, specials, and events. After making an account, you can manage to open and close your tab(s) without ever needing to hand the bartender your credit card. This helps avoid leaving open tabs, controls how much you are drinking, controls how much you spend, and streamlines the (sometimes lengthy and frustrating) process of ordering drinks at a bar on a busy night.

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To create an account, the user simple enters his/her payment information (which is done over a secured process) and the information will be saved for future purchases-much like online shopping. Once an account is created, the user signs in each time using a user name and a created password. This app will remember the user name, but not the password, for security reasons. 

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After creating your account, by giving the service your payment information, you are good to go. Simply sign in once you decide you want to go out, and let the night take over from there. All the user needs to do is simply pick where they want to drink, check in, see the drinks menu, and order. It is simple as that. Like checking in to a flight, the entire process of going out can be done via this app. One can automatically do this by scanning the bar’s QR code (only participating bars can be tied to this service), and that bar’s menu will pop right up, letting the user order away from the over-crowded bar. 

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Once the bar’s menu is loaded, this app is programmed to sort drinks by type; so cocktails, beers, wines, shots, etc. Once the user selects a specific type of drinks, a subsection will open with drinks of that category. Then, he/she adds as many of that drink to the tab and it will be added immediately. This is then relayed to the bartender(s) and the drink will be made. Once the drink(s) are ready, a scan code will appear on the app and the user shows that to the bartender, which he/she will scan in trade of the drink. After the user decides to close out, the “close tab” key will direct the user to the final tab. Gratuity is then added here and the user can pay now. 

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iTab Wireframes


After the user pays and closes his/her tab, an email of the receipt will be sent to the user; And the bar will have digital records of that specific tab, for future finances. Once the user “accepts”, the app signs out and closes all tabs. Continue to enjoy the bar crawl, or call it a night from there! This system is to overall streamline the overcrowded bar scene and to take the already existing idea of pre ordering food to participating bars and pubs. This could also increase advertising though other venues such as social media, local reviews, etc. 

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In this project, we were asked to develop wearable computing products or systems. My partner and I focused on the healthcare industry, especially focusing on the increasing amount of people suffering from high-risk cardiovascular problems. We created a discreet armband to be worn under clothes which keeps a live, real-time record of vital signs such as body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, beats per minute, etc. It is wired to send signals to an app (directly to the user’s smart device) and immediately alerts the user if there is a drastic change in any vital sign. It also alerts the user’s physician so he/she can keep a live record of the patient at risk.

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The focus for developing this was to change our country’s focus on healthcare from curative measures to preventative measures, so that when a patient comes in for a check up, they know beforehand of any possible conditions, and it does not come up as a surprise. This also encourages the user to keep a healthy and active lifestyle and gives daily tips on how to be (or continue to be) healthier each and every day. If a patient seems to be “at risk”, they will be prescribed this system (which may be subsidized by healthcare or insurance) and will be given their own personalized armband, which synchronizes with an app they will download and, hopefully, check regularly. In our physical prototype, we heat-formed plastic clip-on sensors which simulate the sensors that emit the live data to the app. They are attached with snaps onto a Velcro band.

The actual application is designed to be very simple and intuitive. Once the user is registered and his/her medical information is entered, it is ready to be synced with the armband and ready for everyday use. The mapping of the icons is intuitive in the sense that the more important issues are in bigger bubble, thus drawing the user’s attention to that specific vital. Once a bubble (or vital sign) is selected, the app loads that vital and gives it to the user in a “low”, “healthy, & “high” range, all color coded and uses simple icons. The app also gives the user a chart of overall health, showing either improvement or deterioration. This app also gives daily advice on how to improve on a specific vital. 



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